The Basics

• We loan on 1st Mortgages for Primary Residence


• Owner Occupied, Secondary Residence, Foreign National


• Loan amounts from $50,000.00 on up


• Interest Rates 9%-11%, (Varies per Transaction)


• Loan Terms up to 30 Years, No Balloon


• Maximum LTV range: 50% - 80% (Varies per Transaction)


• Maximum DTI: 50%


• No PMI Insurance


• No Pre-Payment Penalty


• Close on most transactions in 10 days or less


Note: Appraisal and Survey Required on all transactions.


As a private lender, our management makes the final decision whether or not to accept a loan in the shortest time period possible. We consider every investment unique and can structure our loans to suit each and every situation.


Being a privately funded company allows us to streamline our process and completely eliminate the chance of your loan not funding. Same day loan approval is available. Loans can be funded within 10 days if needed.

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