Hamilton Cash Investments is a Private Lender for the Primary Residence Mortgage Market. We only work with Brokers and NMLS Loan Officers!


We have been successful at closing Single Family Residential transactions for customers throughout Texas for the last 18 years. Our focus is to provide financing for Primary Residence purchases which may not be eligible through traditional bank lending sources.  We can close most transactions in 7 days or less. If the borrower has credit problems or even a past discharged bankruptcy, but has an equitable down payment they can still qualify for a purchase. If the borrower is overwhelmed by credit card debt and low credit scores, but the property has equity they can still qualify for a refinance. If the loan doesn't meet the banks's underwriting criteria, we can assist to get the deal closed.​


Unfortunate circumstances such as foreclosures, short sales, low credit scores or bankruptcies may prevent a borrower from being able to obtain financing from a bank. The borrower may be able to use a hard money purchase loan to initially acquire the property and refinance with a conventional loan in the future once time has passed to allow the borrower's credit report to improve.


Today real estate market is rapidly evolving. Often, traditional lenders are too bogged down with red tape and stringent loan requirements to provide the necessary flexible financing solutions. At Hamilton Cash Investments, we recognize the importance of finding creative solutions to non-conforming opportunities in an expedited manner.


Our firm is a proud member of the American Association of Private Lenders!

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